In order to lessen costs and assist communities reduce carbon emissions; 48 sporting venues participated in a trial scheme to identify potential areas for energy savings.

About The Project

Sporting clubs are busy places, often owned by councils and leased to multiple clubs throughout the year. Club facilities are used in varying degrees in daily, weekly and annual cycles.

Within each of the member councils of the South Eastern Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA), a number of sporting clubs have identified rising energy costs as having an impact on the operations of these facilities.

Increases in energy costs need to be covered and are recouped via increased membership costs. This directly affects the surrounding neighbourhoods, with some families unable to afford the increased costs.


Therefore, in order to lessen these costs and assist communities reduce carbon emissions; SECCCA identified 48 sporting venues to participate in a trial scheme, where equipment audits and energy monitoring were carried out, to identify potential areas for energy savings.

This information will help clubs and councils make financial decisions to improve the energy efficiency through either retrofitting facilities or changing the ways people use them.


The Campaign

Training programs that will assist club members to change the way they use their facilities will be developed through the project. Additionally, clubs will be supplied with a range of marketing materials, featuring sports celebrities and project ambassadors Bill Brownless and Liz Ellis, which will assist clubs to engage their members in the program.

SECCCA has worked with the Sports and Recreation Officers from each council to coordinate the interactions with clubs and their use of facilities. A club champion was identified as a trusted voice to supply usage information and lead the program for each facility.

Save It For The Game has been designed so that it will be able to be rolled out by councils to all their sporting clubs as an ongoing program, and with ambassadors Bill Brownless and Liz Ellis on board, will capture the interest of clubs, so they can work towards beating their bills.


SECCCA (South East Councils Climate Change Alliance)


Concept design, 2D/Motion graphics  animations, Campaign Strategy, Website design,  Collateral material design


Same River


Melbourne, VIC




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