• Reduce household energy consumption
  • Protect health and wellbeing during extreme weather
  • Reduce household energy bills

The SECCCA (South East Councils Climate Change Alliance) Energy Saver Study aims to engage and assist 320 eligible households in Melbourne’s south-east area to reduce their energy use and associated costs while possibly increasing the comfort and health of the homes. The study will deliver improved energy efficiency equipment, training and practices to participant householders. It will upgrade the participating households’ energy efficiency and may improve the householders’ health and wellbeing.

Launched in July 2013 and to be delivered in 3 stages. The first stage includes householder recruitment, energy audits of houses and installation of energy monitoring equipment. This stage is scheduled to be completed by late 2014. The second stage is scheduled to commence in early 2015 with the upgrading of some homes plus the provision of energy efficiency information to householders. Energy use in the participating homes will be monitored throughout 2015. The third stage is scheduled for 2016. During the third stage, energy consumption data collected from participant households prior to and after energy interventions will be compared. This comparison will identify the most effective actions that improved energy efficiency in the participating households.



South East Councils Climate Change Alliance


Script writing, Sit scouting, set dressing, talent hire, videography


Same River





Australia Graphic Design Association Awards,
Digital Media: Interactive Experience.

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