Selandra Community Place is an exciting new proposition in the way we live, the way we use and the way we connect.

Selandra Community Place is an exciting new proposition in the way we live, an interactive display home that will pilot a variety of sustainable initiatives around improving the environment, health and wellbeing of Selandra Rise residents and the wider community.

Through the innovative combination of QR codes, interpretation signage and interactive
media, ASPECT Studios and Studio Binocular was able to create a communication strategy
to deliver key ‘ideas’ to save money, improve health and make informed decisions that
directly benefit families and the sustainable building or purchasing of a new home.
To access key messages visitors are able to use smartphones to scan the QR codes and
be linked to a mobile website to gain a deeper understanding of simple initiatives and ideas
they can undertake. The display home uses subtle visual prompts to direct visitors on a
self tour, where they can discover ways to improve the health and well being of their
families and the planet.  Visit Seandra Community Place’s website.


Graphic Design and Branding

The Australian-first concept has been developed and implemented by City of Casey, Stockland, Henley Properties Group and the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA). Showcasing the cornerstones of sustainable living including ways to save water, decrease energy use, minimise waste and improve wellbeing, Selandra Community Place demonstrates simple ways to save money and improve health and wellbeing.

Ideas for environmental sustainability and cost savings for people building or renovating a home have been designed around four platforms – energy, water, waste and wellbeing.

Selandra-Community-Place_ImageLogo_740x493_0 Selandra-Community-Place_Image_740




City of Casey


Concept Design, 2D/ Motion Graphics Animation, Signage Strategy, Website Design and Documentation


Same River


Cranbourne, VIC




Australia Graphic Design Association Awards,
Digital Media: Interactive Experience.


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